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Morris Tree Board

Planting Trees at Your Home: Good trees for the Morris Area, Value of Trees and Energy Conservation brochure. Click here to download (PDF)

Good Trees for the Morris Area: Replacements for Ash Trees

Morris is in Zone 4 and has alkaline soils

Since 2002, half-inch-long flying insects called Emerald Ash Borers have killed tens of millions of ash trees in 12 states east of Minnesota. Ash borers were discovered in St. Paul and Minneapolis in 2009-2010, and are expected to spread to other parts of Minnesota within the next few years. The mortality rate is nearly 100% when a group of ash trees is infested. The beetles are often spread through the transport of firewood. State officials are asking Minnesotans to avoid moving firewood from one part of the state to another.

Nearly half of all trees in Morris are believed to be ash trees. The loss of these trees will have a major impact on our community.

We can reduce the eventual impact by planting lots of other trees now. Click here to see a list of trees that are good choices for the Morris area. Please plant a tree or two in your yard today!

Tree Pruning Guidelines

The Morris Tree Board has compiled basic pruning guidelines to be used by Morris property owners.

Click here to view pruning guidelines. Please note that pruning of boulevard trees is to be done only by the city.

For questions, contact the City Hall at 589-3141.

Reminder to water your trees

In droughty times such as the summer of 2012 remember to water your trees. Unlike grass, trees do not go dormant. They need 1 of water per week to thrive. When watering remember that the roots extend to the drip line of the outside canopy of the tree (i.e. How far out the leaves go is how far out you have to water). Watering only at the trunk base, while better than nothing, is not very effective. Move your hose around.

To calculate tree needs use this formula:

3.414 (radius2) (.1) 7.5 gallons = gallons needed
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