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The regular meeting of the Morris Planning Commission was called to order at 5:15 p.m. this 19th day of June, 2018, in the Council Chambers of the Morris Senior Citizens/

Community Center by Commissioner Rudney.


CALL OF THE ROLL:  Roll call was taken with the following members present:  Commissioners Kurpiers, Granger, Brands and Rudney.  Chairperson Kuchenreuther along with Commissioners Wulf and Gades were absent.  Also present were Building Official/Zoning Administrator Jacobson and City Manager Hill.


READING AND APPROVAL OF 2/20/18 REGULAR MEETING MINUTES:  Commissioner Granger moved, seconded by Kurpiers, to approve the minutes of the 2/20/18 regular meeting as written.  With all present voting in favor, motion carried.


PUBLIC HEARINGSReynolds Variance Request:  This hearing is on a zoning variance request from Section 11.23, Subd. 2 D 5 (c) of the Morris City Code which requires a 10’ interior side yard setback in a residential zone.  This request is by Jon and Melissa Reynolds, 901 West 4th Street, Morris, MN, legally described as Block 3, Lot 1, Shorewood Addition, parcel #20-1417-000.  If granted, this variance would allow an addition to an attached garage within 3’ of the interior side yard property line.


Hill indicated the building itself will be 5’ from the property line, with the overhang 3’ from the property line.  Hill did receive one inquiry about the process of the variance request, but when trying to return the call he was not able to leave a message. 


Hill noted that the 2 houses to the east are set more forward toward the curb, and the rest are set further back from the curb.  The addition to the garage would be next to living space on the house to the west, however that house is set back from the Reynolds house.  He also noted that no trees would be affected by the addition.  Hill indicated he and Zoning Administrator Jacobson recommend approval of this request.


Commissioner Kurpiers asked if there were any concerns about access to the back yard with the addition.  Jon Reynolds indicated back yard access does not concern them because there is plenty of access on the east side of the house.


Commissioner Rudney indicated drainage does not appear to be an issue.


Commissioner Granger moved, seconded by Brands, to grant this variance request based on the fact that a number of similar requests have been granted in the past.  With all present voting in favor, motion carried.


OTHER BUSINESS:  Jacobson noted Morris is a very busy town with a number of new homes being built, and other building projects being done.


ADJOURNMENT:  There being no further business, Commissioner Kurpiers moved, seconded by Granger, to adjourn.  Motion carried and the meeting adjourned at 5:30.



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