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The regular meeting of the Morris Planning Commission was called to order at 5:15 p.m. this 17th day of June, 2008, by Chairperson Kuchenreuther in the Council Chambers of the Morris Senior Citizens/Community Center.

CALL OF THE ROLL:  Roll call was taken with the following members present:  Commissioners Johnson, Granger, Gades, Rudney, Carpenter and Chairperson Kuchenreuther.  Commissioner Hoffman was absent.  Also present was City Manager/Zoning Administrator Hill.

READING AND APPROVAL OF 5/20/08 REGULAR MEETING MINUTES:  Chairperson Kuchenreuther stated in the last paragraph on the first page it should read �more livable�, instead of move livable.  Carpenter stated in the second paragraph on the Stallman variance issue there should be no apostrophe in Stallmans. 

Commissioner Rudney moved, seconded by Johnson, to approve the 5/20/08 regular meeting minutes with the above mentioned changes.  Motion carried.


OTHER BUSINESS:  Zoning Map:  City Manager Hill stated the boundary has been extended because of the annexation so the commission needs to work to finish the zoning map. 

The top right portion of the map was discussed.  Hill noted Quality Stamping is looking to move their business so to make this area highway business is something to consider. 

Hill indicated another issue is the island in the middle of the city, which is actually not in city limits. 

Chairperson Kuchenreuther pointed out the commission proposed that the MC designation follow the PDT river as far down as the city has control over the land.  Kuchenreuther stated the ordinance was looked at to see the potential concerns of those in Framnas Township.  Kuchenreuther stated agricultural feedlots are allowed with the appropriate setbacks, which was a main concern of the township.  A variance could also be applied for if they were upset about the setbacks of feedlots.  Kuchenreuther noted a waste lagoon is prohibited but speculated no operation would be big enough to need that. 

Rudney asked if someone is in charge of checking on the zoning.  Hill stated the county is not interested in the zoning and the townships can�t afford to do it.  Hill noted with the authority to zone comes the responsibility to look out for the zone.  Hill stated once the zoning map is in place the public needs to be made aware and the city needs to keep an eye on it. Hill stated the county shouldn�t issue a building permit without checking with the city on the zoning.  Granger suggested meeting with the county after the map has been finalized. 

Rudney asked if the golf course development falls within the city�s zoning jurisdiction.  Hill stated it should have been because it doesn�t make sense for city style subdivisions to be built outside of city limits.  Hill noted you don�t want to use up farmland which is why he recently met with Joe Riley about if/when he would be looking to build another development.  Kuchenreuther asked if the commission should highlight more places that would be good for residential housing.  Rudney pointed out the areas along West 8th Street and North Ridge Drive have been discussed in the past.  Hill stated that would be the best possibilities for sewer and water.  Kuchenreuther stated the city would not want to encourage any development in what could be concluded a flood plain. 

The commission reviewed the map and the following suggestions were proposed:

            The Michaelson junk yard be changed to Municipal Conservancy (MC)

            The area where the former Westmor building was be changed to Highway Business (HB).  No other changes in Section 25.

            The south side of North Ridge Drive, which is owned by the University, be changed from Farm Residence (RF) to Single & Two Family Res. (R), except for a strip on the southeast corner that abuts Highway 28.  This strip should be zoned Highway Business (HB).

            In the northwest corner of the south side of North Ridge Drive a strip running parallel to Highway 9 also be changed to Highway Business. 

            A small quarter section, or thereabouts, just to the north of where the city limits end be changed to R, instead of RF. 

It was the consensus of the commission to schedule a worksession for June 30th at 5:15 p.m. to continue work on the zoning map. 

There being no further business Commissioner Rudney moved, seconded by Carpenter, to adjourn the meeting.  Motion carried and the meeting adjourned at 6:22 p.m.

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