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The regular meeting of the Morris Planning Commission was called to order at 5:15 p.m. this 19th day of February, 2008, in the Council Chambers of the Morris Senior Citizens/Community Center by Chairperson Kuchenreuther.

CALL OF THE ROLL:  Roll call was taken with the following members present:  Commissioners Johnson, Rudney, Carpenter, Granger and Chairperson Kuchenreuther.  Commissioner Hoffman was absent.  Also present was ex-officio Miller.


OTHER BUSINESS:  Outdoor Woodburner Ordinance:  Chairperson Kuchenreuther was going to rewrite the woodburner ordinance that was submitted at the January meeting.  However, since that time, it has come to her attention that there is a new woodburner that meets the EPA�s voluntary 2010 regulations for emissions.  The Northeast States for Coordinated Air Use Management (NESCAUM), a nonprofit association of air quality agencies in the Northeast, has indicated stoves that meet the 2010 standard would require no setback or stack height regulations.  She indicated she received a telephone call from Craig Beyer indicating he is considering upgrading the woodburner for the laundromat to this new one.  Kuchenreuther suggested that if the NESCAUM group doesn�t feel the new woodburners need to be regulated, it might be acceptable for the City to allow them if they meet the 2010 standards.  If a woodburner does not meet the 2010 standards, they could be limited or not allowed without specific requirements.  She suggested leaving this issue on the table until she can do more research.

Commissioner Johnson asked if the 2010 standards address the smoke issue.  Kuchenreuther indicated smoke contains particulates.  Granger indicated when she was discussing this with an individual from the MPCA they indicated that even if the woodburners meet these standards, they are still smoky and smelly.

Kuchenreuther indicated she would like to contact NESCAUM and the EPA and get some answers from them. 

Granger indicated the Planning Commission should address hours of operation of woodburners. 

Kuchenreuther will do more research on the NESCAUM and EPA findings.

READING AND APPROVAL OF 1/15/08 MINUTES:  Rudney indicated the 5th word in the 2nd paragraph under Woodburner Ordinance should be �feel�.  Commissioner Carpenter moved, seconded by Johnson, to approve the minutes with the above correction.  Motion carried.

Zoning Map:  Kuchenreuther indicated the annexation resolution indicates the City does have zoning control over the annexation area.

Kuchenreuther asked if the industrial-type businesses along 7th Street between Columbia Avenue and College Avenue should be phased out if the elementary school property is developed as a neighborhood.  Granger questioned if that area should be Central Business District, or possibly a new kind of district.  She stated the perpetuation of commercial businesses on that corridor is o.k. but the industrial uses should be regulated in that the HB lot sizes and other requirements do not fit along there.  Johnson asked if it would be dangerous to change the zoning along there and discourage those types of businesses.  Carpenter asked if the conditional use permit process could be used in that area.    

Johnson asked what the Planning Commission wants to achieve in this area.  He suggested goals be developed before rezoning the area.   

Kuchenreuther indicated another issue is the municipal conservancy zone along the river.  Johnson indicated he sees that as the most important issue right now as that would be an area most likely to be annexed.

Granger suggested meeting with the County after the City�s goals have been compiled. 

Granger questioned if the Planning Commission zoned Riley�s Riverview Townhomes east of the bypass on Green River Road at the time it was platted.  Kuchenreuther indicated she feels it was rezoned to R.  It was also questioned if UMM owns the property north of Riley�s Riverview Townhomes.

Ex-officio Miller indicated there has been some talk about development on the west side of Morris on the old Alberta Road (West 8th Street). 

Kuchenreuther asked that the Planning Commissioners look at the 7th Street area, read the Central Business District, Highway Business District and Single and Two Family Residential District regulations in the City Code; think about goals for the northeast part of Morris and west going along West 8th Street; and look at zoning of the senior high.

Miller asked if the area behind Heartland Chevrolet is zoned R.  Kuchenreuther indicated the 2006 map has it zoned R.  Granger suggested that be looked at as possible future residential development.

March Meeting:  Because several Commissioners will not be able to attend the March meeting it was the consensus to cancel the meeting unless there is a public hearing.

ADJOURNMENT:  Commissioner Rudney moved, seconded by Johnson, to adjourn.  Motion carried and the meeting adjourned at 6:25 p.m.

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