Stevens County HRA
 Housing and Redevelopment Authority
GrandView Apartments
100 South Columbia
Morris, MN 56267
Phone: (320) 589-3142
Application Form
  • Application Form (Fillable PDF - follow the instructions below to submit online)
  • How to submit the Application form:

    1. You may print the form and return it to Stevens County HRA

    2. You may complete the fillable application and submit it to our office.
      • You must download and save the application to your desktop first. Once saved, close the dialog box and open the application from the desktop.
      • After completing the application, close and save.
      • Then use the box at the right to attach and submit the completed application.

      *WARNING* If you fail to download and save the application before you complete it, the information will not be saved and the application we receiver will be blank.

  • Explanation of citizenship status