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The regular meeting of the Morris City Council was called to order at 5:15 p.m. this 10th day of January, 2017, by Mayor Giese in the Council Chambers of the Morris Senior Citizens/ Community Center.


PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE:  The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.


ROLL CALL:  Roll call was taken with the following members present:  Council member Wohlers, Gullickson, Miller and Mayor Giese.  Council member Solvie was absent.  Also present was City Manager Hill, Finance Director Raasch and City Attorney Jordan.   






READING AND APPROVAL OF MINUTES1/3/17 Organizational Meeting Minutes:  Council member Wohlers moved, seconded by Council member Miller, to approve the 1/3/17 regular meeting minutes.  Motion carried.


CONSENT AGENDA:  Mayor Giese moved, seconded by Council member Wohlers, to approve the consent agenda which included the following items:

            A.         Audit of City Bills

            B.         Pay Estimate #1 - Parallel Taxiway

            C.         December Transit Report

            D.         Gambling Reports

Motion carried.


PETITIONS, REQUESTS AND COMMUNICATIONSAppointment to Library Board:  Mayor Giese moved, seconded by Miller, to appoint Sue Granger to the Library Board.  Motion carried.


ORDINANCES AND RESOLUTIONSResolution Declaring Support for State Leasing and Operation of the Appleton Prison:  City Manager Hill stated this is the same resolution that was done awhile back.  The city was contacted again to see if they were still interested in supporting the state's effort to lease the Appleton Prison.  Hill indicated the prison was a major employer in the area and the city wound up losing some of those people when the prison closed.  Hill stated his position is that it doesn't hurt to support this effort. 


Council member Miller pointed out it affected Morris' main street including grocery stores and auto dealers.  Miller noted it would help the economy for Morris to have that back up and running.


City Attorney Jordan stated he feels it's a good thing to do something with that building because it is sitting there empty, but his problem is leasing it from a private company.  Jordan indicated, from a justice standpoint, to pay a private business to house prisoners and profit off the misery of others is a little grotesque.  Jordan stated in his mind he felt changing the wording to say purchasing the building would be better. 


Council member Wohlers affirmed Jordan's remarks and felt that there would be a more vested interest in the facility long term if it was owned instead of leased.    


Resolution Declaring Support for State Leasing and Operation of the Appleton Prison: (continued)

Considerable discussion was held on the resolution.


Council member Wohlers moved, seconded by Gullickson, to adopt Resolution #3450-1-17, Resolution Declaring Support for State Leasing and Operation of the Appleton Prison.  Upon a roll call vote taken and all present voting in favor, motion carried.


CITY MANAGER'S REPORTS & RECOMMENDATIONS:   City Manager Report:  This was informational for the council. 


Hill stated that it doesn't look good at the legislature for the bonding bill.  Hill received an email from Marty Siefert who is working on the water plant for the city.  Hill pointed out there is going to be a separate bill written for Morris to try and run it through.  Bids will be opened next month and will again be contingent on funding. 






ADJOURNMENT:  There being no further business, Mayor Giese adjourned the meeting at 5:40 p.m.

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